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Comprehensive Home Watch Services For As Little As $1.35/day!

Service pricing is based on your home's square footage under air + any customized services you request.

WHAT DO YOU GAIN? Peace of mind about the condition of your valuable Florida property twice a month for LESS than the price of a moderate dinner out for two!

Low Home Watch Fees - Best Value

We will tailor fit a service package to your specific needs!

Our Home Watch Professionals Are Clearly Identifiable

We believe your neighbors need to know who we are and what we are doing at your home. The last thing you need is your neighbors becoming complacent with strange or unidentifiable people on your property going in and out of your home. That is why our service professionals always wear the same type clothing and have identity credentials attached to their shirt in plain view for all to see. We are also VERY approachable and encourage your neighbors to strike up a conversation with us!

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We offer discounts and special offers if you help us grow our business. We need to add to our client base and if you help us with our growth we feel you deserve to be compensated. (Details)

If you are potential Sarasota home watch client we recommend using Gulf Breeze Home Watch service.

If you are potential Palm Harbor home watch client we recommend using Bayside Home Watch service.

If you are potential Naples/Bonita Springs client we recommend using Neopolitan Home Watch service.

If you are potential Marco Island/Naples client we recommend using Safe Harbor Home Watch service.

All of these home watch companies utilize the HWSoft™ Home Watch Software platform to help maintain their business

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The owner has been a full time resident of Southwest Florida since 2003
Friendly and reliable team of home watch professionals
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Drug free company - Zero drug/alcohol tolerance policy
Associates must pass an intensive background check.
Comprehnsive client portal available 24/7
Online reporting system providing real time notices
Well capitalized company with zero debt

Thanks again for being there and saving our house from a potential fire! What would we do without you?

Brian R.
East York, Ontario

Thank You Very Much! I appreciate your reliable service, and very thorough reports.

Janice M.
Falmouth, MA

We have been very pleased with your service and prompt e-mail reports. You are a great find for us and you have given us peace of mind that our new home is being watched by true professionals.

Yvonne & John.
Rehoboth Beach, DE

You run a great business!

Joan & Don F.
St. Helena, CA

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Real Time Inspection Concerns

Below is a streaming list of concerns we have found today, yesterday, this past week, past month in real time. Each time an inspection is posted the list changes. Of course client privacy is our #1 priority so nothing found below will/can identify the home or owner just the primary concerns we found and the date.


Of the 21,660 service calls we have performed 17,307 have had issues that needed to be addressed/reported to the client!!
We have removed those inspections that had no noteable concerns to bring to a client's attention.

If you need a home watch company that truly provides a detailed, valuable and reliable service,
we do and below is proof!!


Displaying Are Records 17301 to 17307 of 17307

06/24/14: Humdity gauges: MB 64%, LR 61%, GB 61%. Master bathroom toilet had heavy mold ring around water level. Photo emailed.
06/24/14: Palm fronds starting to accumulate on side of house, landscapers/lawn company have not taken. Lawn is shaggy compared to neighbors. Mail is accumulating. Photos emailed
06/24/14: Large hole in yard in front of dock electrical and water line area. Pictures emailed
06/3/14: Shut off water main which was in the on position upon my arrival.
04/23/14: Found white tipped droppings at front door, around kitchen table & on counter which indicates a gecko is in the home, could not locate. One lrg dead bug in bathroom.
06/10/14: Found more insect activity in den closet, also found sand in corner of guest bedroom. Whole stream of ants on kitchen counter. (photos via email).
05/27/14: No additional activity in den closet since last inspection.
05/13/14: Swept up dead ants @ front door and dirt throughout the house. Found sand in corner of the closet in the den. Screwed top of garage light fixture back on.
04/29/14: USPS Rural Custom Delivery Ins Car & Charlotte Cty Property Appraiser Notice in mail. Lights on exterior of doors and garage. Several insects and dirt on floors.
5/13/14: Individual humidity meter readings: MB 38%, Kitchen 40%, FB 41%. Slight mold in both toilets. Tub faucet in guest bath running slowly.
5/3/14: Individual humidity meter readings: MB 52%, Kitchen 52%, FB 53%
05/13/14: Brough mail in from box, several pieces rubber banded together by mail person.
06/10/14: Lots of palm fran debre. Yard needs attention, several fire ant hills in yard.
05/27/14: Had new key made at client's request.
05/13//14: Brought in phone book which was laying in the yard. Collected 5 palm frans that wer in the yard. Turned the A/C on set at 80.
05/13/14: Car charger is working
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