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Real Time Inspection Concerns

Below is a streaming list of concerns we have found today, yesterday, this past week, past month in real time. Each time an inspection is posted the list changes. Of course client privacy is our #1 priority so nothing found below will/can identify the home or owner just the primary concerns we found and the date.

We have removed those inspections that had no noteable concerns to bring to a client's attention.

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7/18/18: I checked and verified that the front storm shutter has been closed across the door see photo below. Photo below of what your bush is blooming brightly thought you might enjoy. I replaced all damp rid bags.
7/18/18: Ran the irrigation system.
7/18/18: Weeds growing in cracks of the dive and landscaping. Pool level is above skimmer port, draining is suggested. Lawn pump is repaired see photo below. Down
7/18/18: Lawn is very long, see photos below. Treated and pulled weeds in pavers and landscaping. Pulled Hughes Pest Control sign from front yard.
7/18/18: The lanai screen door is still torn. The pool water level was low, I added water to the pool for the duration of the service.
7/18/18: Car cover looks good.
7/18/18: Lawn is very long, needs cut, see photo below.
7/18/18: Master bathroom toilet squeals very loudly after flushing, the fill pump need cleaned if possible or replaced. I have someone that can do this if you would like.
7/18/18: Some debris was noted in the valley section of the roof, see photo.
7/18/18: Left vanity door in the guest Bathroom has a missing hinge. I tagged so it won’t continually be opened.
7/18/18: The lawn appears to be recently mowed. The pool level is still above the skimmer port, draining some water is recommended. Some weeds growing in pool cage. The screen to the lanai has been repaired.
7/17/18: Turned the dehumidistat to 50% based on humidity and temperature readings.
7/17/18: Lots of weeds in the cracks of the drive and mulch. Weeds and bushes are getting to the point they should be pulled and cut back, let me know if this is something you want done.
7/17/18: Very evident smell of gasoline because lawn mower and pressure washer venting. I opened the side door to ventilate while I was at your home. Main door bolted. Front roof patch corner corner blowing up slightly, about an inch.
7/17/18: Moved the dehumidistat up to 48% based on the current humidity readings. I move the dehumidistat up from 45% to 48% based on current humidity readings.
7/17/18: Pool heater is set to 86° is that something that you still want on while you’re gone?
7/17/18: Cold water side of master bath tub leaking at the base. This tub also has slow drain, both are tagged.
7/17/18: One piece of mail (Island Life) not worth sending, will wait until next week. Pulled a Truly Nolen pest control sign dated 7/12/18 from the yard.
7/17/18: Below is a photo of th water in your toilet that has sat 14 days. Is it any doubt why there is a smell to your water?
7/17/18: Ran hurricane shutters up and down
7/17/18: Pool heater is on from looking at the unit panel. Is this left on intentionally?
7/16/18: No mail in the mailbox today. The grass is long and could be cut but it’s not excessively long. There are weeds growing in the landscaping the pavers the cracks of the driveway. The humidity is just above 60 which is except a bowl however based on past humidity readings if I move the dehumidistat to 50% from 55%.
7/16/18: Watered 3 trees per written instructions on kitchen counter. No woodpecker holes.
7/16/18: Moved thermostat back to 78 degrees based on humidity readings.
7/16/18: Watered 3 trees per written instructions on kitchen counter.
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