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Real Time Inspection Concerns

Below is a streaming list of concerns we have found today, yesterday, this past week, past month in real time. Each time an inspection is posted the list changes. Of course client privacy is our #1 priority so nothing found below will/can identify the home or owner just the primary concerns we found and the date.

We have removed those inspections that had no noteable concerns to bring to a client's attention.

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6/24/18: If th if the humidity level is home holding e humidity level is holding next inspection I will raise the thermostat setting.
6/24/18: If th if the humidity level is home holding e humidity level is holding next inspection I will raise the thermostat setting.
6/24/18: The humidity level upstairs is a bit concerning however it is still at an acceptable range I like to make sure that every area of the home is at or below 60%.
6/24/18: Checked the attic and found no evidence a leak or moisture all appears normal.
6/24/18: Checked slider upstairs no leaking detected. Master bathroom toilet had mold growing in it, I peeled back the saran wrap in order to clean then re-attached best I could.I am a bit concerned about the upstairs humidity however 62.5% is borderline acceptable so I will monitor it next inspection.
6/23/18: I drove both cars to the front gate and back. I treated the weeds on the lanai and most of the pavers in the drive however it was pretty breezy so I stayed away from the edge because of the lawn.
6/23/18: Weeds growing in drive see photo below.
6/23/18: Master bath is coming along however there’s quite a bit that the peers not to be hooked up as far as the water so I’ve opted not to turn anything on. Pager was painting cabinet doors with garage doors open water on to the house so that’s how I left it as well he said he was to shut everthing up/off.
6/23/18: Treated weeds on lanai, see photos below. I’m concerned about the air-conditioning system First or last inspection I turn the AC up to 78° however today it was set at 72°. The system ran continuously while I was there. Most thermostats and somebody away is away are set to 78° to 82°. I feel you’re probably wasting a great deal of electricity. Secondly the humidity even running get it 72° is about optimal however putting some of that back to let’s say 78° The humidity may increase to a level that would be borderline high.
6/21/18: After several hours of running the system without the dehumidistat I came back to find the humidity downstairs just under 50% and upstairs just over 55%. I then set the dehumidistat to 45% trying to keep both upstairs and downstairs at acceptable levels.
6/21/18: Based on the past two readings in your storage room and the fact that the dehumidifier has more running each time but the minute he so high I would say it’s not working anymore. I checked the evacuation to to see if there’s any moisture in it and it’s dry. I think you may need replaced.
6/21/18: Half bathroom toilet handle tends to stick you must jiggle it in order to get it to shut off.
6/21/18: The humidity upstairs is still a bit high however it could just be the time of day and 61.3% humidity is still acceptable just on high I will wait to see what is next time.
6/21/18: Poured water down master bath drain, can't run through shower head without getting wet. Pull the plug for the water heater circulation pump.
6/21/18: The humidity is extremely high in the upstairs area and a little over what I’d like to see in the downstairs area. I like to see the humidity in all areas under 60%. To achieve this I’m going to set the the humidistat zero while I’m here working and come back and see what’s going on with it before I leave.
6/21/18: Water is off at 2004.
6/21/18: Drained water from system after water was turned off.
6/21/18: I stopped by today as I said I would to check the humidity. As your temperature on the thermostat set to 78° it is reading 78°. He has your dehumidistat sent to you on which basically means were not using the dehumidistat that’s all we are running totally from the thermostat. The humidity downstairs read 49% on my handheld meter. The humidity upstairs read 52.5% on my handheld meter. It is mid day based upon these readings the thermostat could be set to 79° or even 80° and still be within acceptable humidity levels I believe. I have not made any changes as I thought maybe you would like to provide some input to in sure it is set as you would like it to be.
6/21/18: Upstairs smoke detector is chirping need batteries replaced. The recessed light at the top of the stairs was on, I shut it off.
6/21/18: The upstairs humidity is still high in order to mitigate I set the dehumidistat to 50%, AC system is running and cooling.
6/21/18: Upstairs humidity 56.9% and temp 81.4 degrees
6/21/18: Fixture in master bath tub leaks slightly.
6/21/18: Removed a Truly Nolen pest control sign dated 8/18/18 from the from yard. All appliances things etc. remove from kitchen. Master bath tub still doesn’t have a fixture to run water. Replaced HVAC filter. The sprinkler system on the right side of the drive and down the home was running when I was here however several of the sprinkler heads were not coming completely out of the ground. Probably should have the sprinkler company look at the system. Photo below of the sprinkler control box in the garage in the company name telephone number. If you can’t reach these people for whatever reason I do have a sprinkler company that I can refer.
6/21/18: Brought and installed 12v 1amp charger on car.
6/20/18: Filled pool during the entire inspection.
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